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Abbie Casey

Abbie owns the lovely Champ and Tilly. Champ is an exceptional working Gundog and features in many of my Fieldsports photos. In 2020, Tilly (who is Champ's daughter) joined the family and the hope is she will go on to become just as good a Gundog.


Harry and Abbie both grew up with family dogs. When they first moved in together, they felt something was missing in their home. Luckily, they knew someone whose dog was due to have puppies and in January 2018, Champ was born.

They brought Champ home in March 2018 and from that day he has been energetic, loving and a bit of a goof! Neither Harry or Abbie had ever trained a working dog before, but spent the time reading up on best methods and getting advice from trainers.

Champ loves his job and he is keen and eager to please. Retrieving is by far his favourite part on a game shoot and he always looks so proud of himself! He even poses for the camera now.



Harry and Abbie talked about getting a second dog and in November 2020, Tilly was born. Tilly is actually Champ's daughter, which has made having a second dog even more special for them both. They have started her training and she is proving to be just as keen to please as her Dad. They hope slowly to introduce her to the guns this year and, if everything goes well, have her working alongside her Dad the following year.

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