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''There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man''

Winston Churchill

Equine photography

Having been a horse owner myself, I understand the commitment required. I also understand the love and bond shared between horse and owner, and absolutely adore capturing this in images that can be enjoyed for a lifetime.

Saskia June 21 (16).jpg
Chloe & Poser

Booking your shoot

Once you have made contact with me, we'll discuss your requirements and what kind of photographs you are looking for. Once we have pencilled in a date for your shoot, I will send through some documentation for completing. This includes a questionnaire about your horse(s), their nature and their likes and dislikes so I can plan ahead and make sure your horse(s) are as relaxed and comfortable as they can be on the day.

We will also discuss the location of the shoot and I may ask for a photograph or two, or if possible, I will visit the location with you prior to the shoot so we can plan ahead.

The shoot

A day or so before the shoot, I'll contact you to ensure we are good to go and answer any last minute questions you might have. Sadly, the weather is not always on our side. If the forecast is bad, we can simply postpone to another day. If the forecast is extremely bright and sunny then we will look to arrange the shoot for first thing in the morning or last thing in the evening.

On the day of the shoot, the first thing I will do on arrival is to walk around the location with you to check out the best photo spots. Depending on the location, this usually takes about 15-20 minutes. After that, we'll get started!

Jessica and George
Liv & Surprise

What happens next?

After the shoot, I will go through the photographs and select the best shots, which will then be edited. The number of photographs will vary depending on the package and the shoot itself. Once edits are ready, they will be uploaded to a personal password protected gallery. This can be up to 8-10 weeks after the shoot in busy periods.

You'll be able to view the images on your gallery. We can then chat about your favourite images and any products you may wish to order. Two of the packages include printed products and we can discuss your various options at this point too. Once you have chosen your products, I will complete any final edits and then put the order through.

All printed orders come to me first for quality control. I will then either send them through to you via courier, or drop them off if you are local.

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